• Byculla: Corp./Annex Ground-Rs 1.5 Lacs, Mughal Garden-Rs 3 Lacs; AC Hall/One Bay-Rs 2 Lacs. Super Saver: Full Factory-Rs 10 Lacs, Template Building-Rs 3.5 Lacs, 2 Bays-Rs 3.5 Lacs, 3 Bays-Rs 4.5 Lacs, Annex & Mughal Garden-Rs 4 Lacs, Annex & Mughal Garden & Bay 1-Rs 5 Lacs, Full Machine/Foundry Shop-Rs 3 Lacs.
  • Mulund: LBS Road Ground (Temple side)-Rs. 3 Lacs; LBS Road Ground (Office side)-Rs 2 Lacs; Bhakti Marg Ground-Rs 3 Lacs; Machine Shop/One bay/Admin+Open space/Canteen+Open space-Rs 2 Lacs; Quality Control+Open space-Rs 1.5 Lacs. Super Saver: Full Factory-Rs 10 Lacs, Full LBS and BM Road-Rs 5 Lacs, Full Bhakti Marg and LBS Road (Temple Side)-Rs 4.5 Lacs, Full LBS Road-Rs 4 Lacs, Full Workshop 1 or 2-Rs. 4 Lacs.
  • Religious/Social non-sponsored bookings: Discount: 25%, Super Saver for Religious: Full Factory-Rs 5 Lacs.
  • Shooting: Byculla/Mulund-Rs 2.5 Lacs/Day, Add-on Location: Rs 1 Lac/Day, Photoshoot: 50%.
  • Setting/Dismantling Days: 75%, Storage/Loading-Unloading days: 50% of Daily Rental.
  • Long duration booking discount: Up to 2 days: Nil, 3-7 Days: 10%, 8-15 days: 15%, Above 15 days: 25%.
  • Absolute freedom to work with any Decorator/Caterer of your choice, No monopoly system in R&C.
  • Only for Weddings: Free Setting from 6 PM of previous day to 9 AM of next day subject to availability. No booking will be made for the Free Setting/Unsetting. Setting/Unsetting beyond free time will be charged @ 5% of rental/Hour.
  • Check in/out time will be calculated based on entry of first vehicle and exit of last vehicle recorded at security gate.
  • Electricity and Powerhouse M&R Charges: Rs 25/unit.
  • Free parking: Subject to availability. Guaranteed Free Parking: 20 Cars.
  • Check in/out time: 24.00 Hours (Night).
  • Any Tax (Service Tax @ 14% + 0.5% Swatch Bharat Cess + 0.5% Krishi Kalyan Cess) on actual will be charged.
  • Housekeeping/day: Rs 15000/venue. Addon: Rs 10000/venue, Super Saver Packages: Rs 25000. However, left-over food items must be put in the metal containers provided by R&C or 100% additional housekeeping will be levied.
  • Payment: Richardson & Cruddas (1972) Ltd. by DD/RTGS in SBI Byculla A/c No.: 32517946635 (Byculla), 32517669795 (Mulund), IFSC Code: SBIN0000343, R&C PAN: AAACR5670A. 2.5% Service Charges + Ser. Tax in case of Cheque (atleast 15 days in advance) and 5% Service Charges + Ser. Tax (with PAN Card) in case of cash payment will be levied. A penalty of 2% per month or part thereof will be levied in case of dishonour of any cheque.
  • Booking cum Security Deposit: One Day Rental (OR Half Day DD/RTGS + Half Day Cheque). It will be refunded after payment against all pending bills and credit of TDS deducted by the client in Form 26AS of R&C. It will be forfeited in case of cancellation of booking. Event will be permitted only after making full payment against the booking. R&C may stop entry/exit/withheld client vehicles/material till full payment is made. Part cancellation/Part Booking will not be allowed. Client and R&C should sign these terms at the time of booking with Security Deposit to avoid any dispute, failing which the terms/rates on the day of event will be applicable.
  • Any advance/final rental will only be accepted with applicable Service Tax on the date of payment. No refund of Service Tax will be made under any circumstances.
  • Any revision in the booking/additional booking will be made as per prevailing rates on the day of revision.
  • R&C will not be responsible if Client is not able to use booked area due to any reason whatsoever, e.g., rain, flood, storm, riot, strike, fire, accident, death, not able to obtain NOC/permission from any licensing authority, etc. and no refund will be made under any circumstances.
  • Client will be responsible for all statutory regulations & approvals from BMC, Collector-Mumbai, Police, Fire Brigade, Electrical, Traffic, Labour, Music, Sound, Loud Speaker, Excise, Entertainment/Service Tax, Insurance, accident, theft, fire or injury; and any theft/damage of R&C property due to any reason. Premises and Performance Licence not required as per Mumbai Police notification dated 02.03.2016.
  • R&C has a right to cancel any of the booking by giving 3 months’ notice without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • R&C Contacts: www.richardsoncruddas.com, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Byculla: 8767883301/02223794006, Lalit-8888444258/7021353814, Darshana-9920608181.
  • Mulund: 87678833820/02225612624, Umrikar-9920221060, Sachin-7506603055, Prasanjit-9867984902.
  • R&C facilities are offered on "As is Where is" basis only. Unless any commitment is given by R&C Unit Incharge in writing for any work demanded by the client, management will not be responsible for non-completion of such work.




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